Meet the Team

Team Integrity Images

Team Integrity Images

We’ve gathered some of the finest graphic designers, web designers, programmers, photographers, videographers, copywriters, and production staff to achieve the distinctive results that have become our trademark. We believe that happy customers come from having a happy team. A happy team lends a hand in having low turnover rates which ultimately helps our clients with a productive working relationship that is stress-free and efficient.

Michael Reiland

C.E.O. Chief Excitement Officer

Donna Pryor

The Voice of Reason

Judy Davis

Director of Gettin’ R Done

Lori Chapin

Director of First Impressions

Gabby Guerra

The QC Wizard

Frank Culajay

The Digital Prophet

Maggie Yung

Chief Concept Warrior

James Puryear

Chief Motion Picture Surgeon

Abby Fleet

Chief Graphic Storm Trooper

John Dendy

The Wordsmith Mastermind

Doug Brennan

Director of Lights, Camera, Action

Jalil Sexton

The 3d Animatress